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A little before 10 in the morning, I am heading to the Ester SPS factory, which I will lead today. I am in a good mood, and my favorite morning show is playing on the radio. "Only a few minutes left until the end of today's edition, friends. You're probably already at work, and if you're heading there now, you're lucky because you're probably the bosses. The next song is for you," says the host. I smile, unaware that these words will have their continuation very soon.

I arrive at my workplace, where the new colleagues are already waiting for me. I greet them and make sure to note that today, I am the boss, right? "You're the boss, and now put on your work clothes," replies the founder of the company, Nikola Petrov, whom everyone here simply calls Koko. By work clothes, understand an apron, which I will need while cutting panels for the furniture. Here, everyone works shoulder to shoulder, the word "boss" is forbidden, and the people in the team are like a family – with all the invisible nuances that come with that definition.

The first task of the day is the distribution of tasks. It is done by Nikola – traditionally the first to arrive at the office.



His day starts at 5 in the morning. 

"Surely, you've never woken up this early?" he teases me. I return the banter, specifying that until recently, my day as a radio host in the morning block started at the same time. We discover a common ground between us despite our otherwise radically different professions: both Nikola and I know that when you love your work, it doesn't feel burdensome.

Appropriately equipped with the right attire and unfortunately high heels, I enter the workshop, where I quickly realize that even constructing a small cabinet is not easy. Even with the help of professionals and strict adherence to the design. I start with cutting the panels, which inevitably leads to warnings to be careful with my fingers. Whether due to the beginner's luck or unconscious talents, after a few pieces of discarded material, I already have the necessary number of panels and a full set of fingers. Next comes edge banding, painting, assembly, inspection, and quality control... and a small dose of embarrassment – after a whole day of work, the result is a small cabinet. When they don't have a rookie for company, the team here tackles much more complex challenges in the same amount of time.

From implementing entirely individual interior solutions to furnishing some of the most demanding hotels in Belgium and France, to furnishing the studio of a reality TV show that premiered for the first time in Bulgaria. The challenges are worth it when you see the result of your work, and it brings you satisfactionas I myself experienced. After a day spent at Ester SPS, I became convinced that the main ingredient for success is indeed the team.


"Even when someone makes a mistake, I don't argue.

On the contrary, I show how things should be done, set an example, and work on an equal footing with others," Nikola shares his philosophy for building a team. He is convinced that a good attitude towards people pays off over time: "We have a colleague who comes from Radomir every day and has never been late; we had a colleague who was facing surgery, and we all supported him together. We are a whole. In the company, we are responsible first and foremost for the people and their families, and only then for everything else," says Koko. Quite coincidentally, while we are talking, a satisfied client sends him thanks and shares excellent reviews on social media. There is hardly any need for further proof that he manages his team well.